Visit Bora Bora Island In Your Life Once



Bora Bora Island has many different types of island fun that are very unique and interesting to try. You can go hiking along the island trails, go horseback riding, fishing or you can also go on a lagoon excursion. The island offers trips to the exotic lagoonarium or you can also experience the Aquascope or the Aqua Safari tour. The options are almost limitless and the choice is up to you.

The following below is an island fun guide in Bora Bora:

  1. Eco Cultural and Nature Touring – This type of island fun has a section of activities that includes non-strenuous hiking or lagoon touring. The island’s eco and lagoon tours on established trails provide visitors colorful descriptions on the island’s cultural aspects as well as its history.
  2. Lagoon Excursions – This is a very popular type of island fun in Bora Bora. Tourists can explore and experience the wonderful lagoons of Bora Bora Island by water. There are several different lagoon excursion companies that provide sailboats, outrigger canoes, power boats or cruisers.

Outrigger Canoe – This is a motorized canoe that is commonly used for a lagoon cruise in the islands of Tahiti Polynesia. The canoe design is very much similar to what Polynesians used throughout the years. The only different is that it has a motor.

Power Boat or Cruiser – These types of boats is much larger than an outrigger canoe. There are a lot of lagoon excursion companies in Bora Bora that provides tours using power boats and cruisers. Tours can be half day tours to a deluxe and fully customized tour.


  1. Aqua Safari – Also a favorite island fun, this tour will allow you to enjoy the underwater magnificence of the lagoon. You can view wonderful corals and tropical fishes using a specialized helmet. The Aqua Safari helmet used is very safe and comfortable that gives a non-compression diving experience. The Aqua Safari is ideal for non-divers and non-swimmers.


  1. Lagoonarium Tour – The very exotic Bora Bora Lagoonarium is considered a pure island fun to almost all who have visited the place. At the Bora Bora Lagoonarium you can interact with different water creatures by swimming alongside them under the supervision of an experienced guide. The water creatures that you may encounter include tropical fishes, turtles, rays and sharks.


Bora Bora Island is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. And experiencing different types of island fun will surely make your trip memorable.


Santorini Weather | Why You Should Go

Santorini Weather

Hey Guys and girls, I am excited to tell you today about the amazing Santorini, A friend of mine ( Curtis at garage doors okc ) and I A beautiful island situated between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea, like other similar islands Ios, Milos, Naxos was the result of the underwater volcanic eruption which split one large island into smaller islands. Being a part of the Cyclades group of islands, Santorini is situated on the southern end of the Aegean Sea. Santorini Island is known for its dramatic view and beautiful sunsets which shadow its crescent shape.

Unlike most of the Europe which experience all four seasons, Santorini follows a Mediterranean trend of climate flow from mild summers to warmer winters.

Discussing the hotter side of the island, in the event that one wishes to appreciate the shorelines, swimming, cruising and sunbathing, at that point it regards visit Santorini between June to September, where the hot, sunny day let you appreciate the water and by the night one could appreciate the dance club and bars. Notwithstanding, going by the Island from late June to early September could be substantial on the pockets as it is the high season where individuals tend to come more to appreciate the warm ocean water and its nightlife.

It is a little strange when by late September, the weather gets cooler but there is a gradual change to hot summer-like days in the beginning few weeks of October. However, the late October is pleasant with slight rainfall and gets colder by November. The days of mid-October to early November are perfect for sightseeing and hiking, where the weather is pleasant for Santorini’s views and wineries.

The place, Santorini is famous for its beautiful sunset, especially the Sunset in Oia is a breathtaking experience. Tourists also tend to enjoy the pre-historic museums, tomato industry museum and cultural villages and Wine Museum. Akrotiri is also a most visited pre-historic village which features the artwork and other remains of a village, the village was buried under the volcanic ashes.

It gets colder from early December and the winter last until early May, where the temperature ranges from 12 degrees Celcius to 22 degrees Celcius. During the month of December to February. The beach town is shut down including most restaurants, and hotels as these are the coldest and the rainiest months of the year.

Moreover, in March, April and May the weather gets more pleasant, but not good enough for its beaches. Many tourists tend to visit around these shoulder months, the hotels tend to charge lower compared to that of during high seasons. People tend to enjoy the sightseeing and hiking around these months of the year with some rain and cold nights.

By May, the shorelines begin to open for business as it gets hotter in the evenings and by the June huge number of travelers land as the ‘shoreline season’ starts. The ‘shoreline season’ is at its top in the long stretch of July, trailed by three months progress ahead of time required for the busiest month of July.

The tourists get to choose from what they are looking to experience as the interests vary from one person to another.

It’s a truly beautiful place and you should be there at some point in your life.

Sincerely, Paulina

Bora Bora Vacation and Four Seasons Resorts

The world is full of many scenic beauties that are stretched all around us. French Polynesia is also among those places that cast a spell on the visitor’s mind. The area is popular for its beautiful islands that are located at little distances from one another. The presence of lush greenery in the heart of Pacific presents an amazing look from the distance. There are a lot of hotels and resorts that provide enough accommodation for the visitors. During the ideal season, almost all the hotels and resorts announce different offers to attract more visitors. Many of these even offer world class facilities. People from all over the world visit this area to spend vacations and to enrich their knowledge about the area.

Four Seasons Resorts

If you ever go to Bora Bora, never forget to spend a night or two at Four Seasons Resort. It is the top quality staying place with many facilities. It consists of small thatched huts over the blue water of the island. The view of beautiful and lush green lagoon in the background offers an awesome sight to the visitors. Moreover, the presence of kids land also makes it an ideal staying place for families.  Following are the facilities available at this resort:

1-Infinity Pool

The beauty of this resort is complemented by a pool with palm trees and tropical foliage. There is a beautifully made deck around the pool with different sitting and relaxing options. The water of the pool has little waves over its surface which also presents a beautiful sight. The attendants are also there to provide the visitors with various drinks and eatables.

2-Tennis Court

This resort also has a very beautiful and large tennis court. The presence of this court in the middle of lush green rocks and palm trees lets the visitors forget the sorrows of life and enjoy playing there. The facility of free racquets and tennis ball is a very good opportunity for the players to enjoy gaming.

3-Fitness Center

Four Seasons Resorts is also famous for its fitness center equipped with all world class facilities. There is a steam room, cardiovascular and weight training machines, and yoga platform. Fitness classes are also arranged to teach the visitors some basics of fitness.

4-Event Rooms

There are also a number of event rooms in this resort along with other regular living rooms. Different events take place where you can enjoy the famous fire dance of the locals. Moreover, the resort also offers you the rooms for the celebration of any party.

5-Free Luggage Services

Four Seasons Resorts offers its visitors with a facility to move about freely without any bag and baggage. It takes the responsibility of carrying luggage to and from the resort without any extra cost. One of the main reasons of people’s attraction to this resort is this free luggage service.

6-Jet Service

Another very good facility of this resort is the jet service from Los Angeles. Aircraft Logix is the partner of this resort in carrying out this service. The flights are available throughout the year.

7-Four Seasons Spa

Four Seasons Resorts also offers some modern facilities like a spa. Here, the spa has a lot of facilities including massage, body and facial treatments, hand and foot treatment, and yoga exercises. But keep in mind that these services are only available for teens.


In the end, it can rightly be said that Four Seasons Resorts has a full vacation package with all the world class facilities.  

So the next tiem your In Bora Bora check it out.



Bulgarian residents highly regard museums as they preserve and keep the country’s culture and history. This is one of the main roles of museums all over the world. Bulgaria’s capital is home to almost thirty museums where travelers and locals can learn and relate to the ups and downs of the country’s history. Here are some of the best museums to visit in Sofia during your next visit.


The National History Museum

The national history museum features the famous Thracian gold and silver treasures which were found in the Bulgarian lands as well as those from Roman ages. It’s the biggest museum in the country and among the largest on the Balkan Peninsula. You’ll have more than seven hundred thousand exhibits to explore at this museum.


National Museum of Natural History

A walk into the National Museum of Natural History will give you more insight into the natural world as you ponder bears, tigers and lions. There’s more to learn about the Bulgarian flora and fauna at this museum. From mammals and insects to plans and mineral resources, there are over one million exhibits to explore here. The museum covers the history of more than 120 years. It’s the country’s oldest museum


National Museum “Earth and Man”

If you love exploring mineral resources, this is the best place to be. The museum features one of the world’s biggest mineral collections. You’ll have time to explore more than 40 percent of the minerals in the halls.


Sofia History Museum

Sofia History museum is another place you can learn about the history of the city. You’ll first understand how the city was chosen to be Bulgaria’s capital and read about ancient Serdica. The most interesting thing about the museum is the fact that you’ll be riding on a retro tram while experiencing the environment and atmosphere from many decades ago.


National Archeology Museum

At the National Archeology Museum, visitors can find out the different cultures and tribes that have lived in the present day Bulgaria until the eighteenth century. The museum is known for promoting the different cultural heritages in the country. Established in 1949, the museum unveils the country’s past piece by piece.


We often think that the most beautiful places to visit are beaches, museums, and wildlife. Ever thought of visiting hidden abandoned buildings? Of course, it doesn’t seem to be attractive. However, if you’re a true urban explorer, there are abandoned places that will give you a memorable experience and a whole lot of fun. One of the places to visit and see some of the world’s most spectacular abandoned buildings is California. Here’s a list of some of the most amazing and beautiful abandoned buildings you must see this year.


J’s Amusement Park

Despite being closed and abandoned, there’s much you can explore at this site. The amusement part was in operation from the 1960s to 2003 when it was closed but everything is still there including a Tilt-A-Whirl, a Mad Mouse roller coaster, and bumper cars. It still serves as a camping site.


Treasure Island Bowling Alley

The Treasure Island Bowling Alley in San Francisco is a man-made island that was used by the American military for years before it was abandoned. The island was used as a location for moving people and machines to the Pacific Theater during the Second World War.


The Bayshore Roundhouse

Initially built to serve as a place for freight engines, the Bayshore Roundhouse was abandoned after being used for more than seven decades. Though the building was ruined by fire in 2001, there’s so much to learn and explore at this place.


The Griffith Park Zoo

If you’re one of those people who love camping out at a horror site, the Griffith Park Zoo would be a great spot. The zoo was opened in 1912 and abandoned in 1966 when the Los Angeles Zoo was opened. It, however, still features a picnic area where you can have fun with your friends and family.